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We are democratizing Revenue Management
to all small hotel chains and independent hotels

No integration fees

Success Stories

Leading hotel group centralizes Revenue Management to improve decision-making and cut costs in 11 hotels

DHM Case Study

Now we can analyze the market deeply and act faster, being more effective and consequently generating more revenue… We were able to save time preparing reports, and redirect our attention to what really matters. In a constantly changing environment, Climber’s strongest point is the ability to design and create new features according to our revenue management needs, working very close to us.

Miguel Castello Branco

Revenue & E-Commerce Manager at DHM

Why Climber

No integration fees

Yes, you read it right.
We don't charge extra to integrate with your hotel.

Hoteliers love using Climber

We help hotels maximize revenues.
We make them more efficient and competitive.
We reduce risk and costs.
Really easy to use. We do the hard work!

Premium Support

Get any problem solved with our 24/7 dedicated team that supports you with hands-on assistance.
Just give us a call or drop an email whenever you want!

Better and Faster Decisions

Our intelligent solution automatically detects new revenue enhancement opportunities and recommends on-time actions.
Climber does not replace the Revenue Manager but makes his job much easier.
We are specialists in Pricing.
Get 100% satisfaction or we will give you your money-back.

Focused on your hotel type

We believe that huge and luxury hotels should not be the only ones benefiting from a Revenue Management System. Our solution is affordable and focused on independent hotels with more than 50 rooms and small hotel chains in Western and Northern Europe.



Climber provides automatic generated reports from your hotel data with all the key performance indicators you need to run your hotel in a successful way.

Opportunity Detection

Daily notifications that automatically detect important situations to help you take faster actions regarding availability, pricing, campaigns, group management, overbookings, budget and much more.

Intuitive User Interface

Tired of complex and cumbersome spreadsheets? Climber raises the bar for excellence in user interface design and offers you a simple and clean look to help you analyze your data.

Dynamic pricing

Climber recommends you the optimal price you should be selling each type of room in each day.
We also tell you why.

100% on the Cloud

We take good care of your data by offering a completely secure application using a cloud-based system. It also assures your hotel's data is seamlessly synced across all devices.

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maximize your hotel's revenue.

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